Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Services to Educational Institutions by SUGA Educational Services

SUGA Educational Services is providing the various educational services to Students, Educational Institutions and Educational Professionals

We provide the following services to Educational Institutions

  • Assistance to get students to their Institutions of International repute.
  • Arranging Counseling, Interviewing and documents assessment behalf of Institutions.
  • Application processing and administrative services.
  • Assistance in Promotion, Marketing and Organizing of Seminars on behalf of the Universities/Colleges in India.
  • Participation and representation at Educational Fairs and Career Exhibitions to promote the Universities/Colleges in India.
  • Assistance in recruiting qualified and experienced professionals for the Universities /Colleges without any additional charges from our rich updated Database
For further details contact: N.Sugavanam, 
nsugavanam@gmail.com or sugaemployment@gmail.com
Mobile: Airtel: 99400-58497, BSNL: 94454-37117  Vodafone: 9176871191
or Contact: VN Sathish, Manager, Email: vnsathish123@gmail.com
Mobile: 98842-87303, 94458-88703

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